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Routine Breast Care & Check-ups


self breast examRoutine monthly self breast exams are recommended for all women regardless of risk factors. Males with risk factors should also perform regular self exams. Early detection and bringing any concerns to a specialist’s attention is a key factor in potentially curing any cancer.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women ages 15 to 54; young women under age 40 are not exempt from the disease. Without regular exams and mammograms, it is even more important that those under 40 perform self breast exams. Too often young women think they are immune from cancer and do not follow through on routine exams and may end up finding disease at later stages.

Clinical Examination:

In addition to monthly self breast exams, we recommend a yearly physical breast exam by an qualified health care professional. The female breast specialists at Omaha Surgical Consultants can bring extra experience, knowledge and compassionate care to your routine breast exam.

An clinical breast examination (CBE) can provide reassurance to the “worried-well”.  We offer an exam that is more thorough than a patient receives at an annual gynological appointment.


  • Omaha Surgical consultants recommends a yearly screening mammogram for all women aged 40 and over.
  • Women with risk factors should consider starting mammography 10 years earlier than the age of their youngest relative with breast cancer.
  • A diagnostic mammogram may be recommended for women with breast symptoms. This diagnostic study focuses on the area of concern and typically an ultrasound is also performed.