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Breast Symptom Consults

In times of concern with breast health, Omaha Surgical Consultants should be your first step. In addition to routine exams and breast cancer management, you can utilize our consultative expertise on an array of issues including:

Abnormal Physical Characteristics

Breast lumps, whether cancerous or non-cancerous, are not the only areas of breast health concern. Some patients may also experience other independent symptoms including:

In addition to a lump, other breast cancer symptoms may include:

  • skin dimpling
  • unexplained redness or skin changes
  • nipple discharge

Omaha Surgical Consultants is skilled at determining the steps needed to make a correct assessment and diagnosis of these breast symptoms.

Abnormal Results

For women who have had an abnormal screening mammogram, abnormal ultrasound or is questioning an abnormal mammogram from an outside facility, Omaha Surgical Consultants can help you understand those results and the severity of the results. We ask you to bring your outside images on a disk or film.

Second Opinion

Further, we can provide a second opinion on any diagnosis. Whether you are questioning a diagnosis, or looking for alternative approaches to treatment, Omaha Surgical Consultants is happy to take the time and talk to you to help you determine the best path for your individual care.

Understanding Pathology Reports

Medical reports can be confusing and frankly not make sense to someone not trained with the proper expertise. We will help you interpret and explain results of any pathology reports.

Breast Cancer Management

Please see our page on Breast Cancer Management.