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About Omaha Surgical Consultants

Omaha Surgical Consultants offers patients in the Omaha area a unique approach to treating and caring for breast conditions and concerns. We are an independent, physician owned practice changing the fragmented delivery of breast care into well-coordinated management.

Our comprehensive services range from routine check-ups to complex breast cancer care. We are experienced at helping patients navigate everything from diagnosis to surgery consult and recovery. We coordinate and explain the care given by all the providers that might be involved in your breast health including radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and lymphedema therapists.

Serious breast conditions can be all encompassing. We know it affects all facets of your life and those close to you. Our breast specialists also understand that there are emotional implications in addition to physical challenges, and therefore, provide care recommendations to treat the whole person.

Although the risks are significantly less, men are not excluded from breast cancer, or even other breast concerns. We warmly welcome males to our practice and are skilled at handling medical care for men.